Day 2: Excerpt from my Graduate Program Application

This is just the first paragraph that asked what Creative Writing meant to me. Let me know what you think!

As cliché as it sounds, when I create poetry or short stories I feel a distinct freedom many people can never grasp. Writing creatively requires an artistic touch and a profound imagination in order to find the perfect pieces to the puzzle and assemble them in a unique fashion.  The importance lies in the process and the product, as both are mechanisms for expression, coping, and learning.  Some people use music or art as their medium of expressing feelings and dreams; that’s what creative writing accomplishes for me. The power that accompanies original writing is invaluable. I can explore the craggy cliffs of Ireland or the fictional medieval marketplace in the great city of Puckshire while sitting alone at the Inkwell in Long Branch. I can force you to loathe a doctor for refusing to treat a single father’s work-related gash because he didn’t have the proper insurance documentation. I can illustrate the filthy factory scene where his injury took place using only descriptive words. I can break your heart with applicable tortures, I can lift your spirits, I can desecrate your beliefs, and I can beguile your spouses into pages plastered with words all from my very own bleeding pen. In times of heartache I’ll always have a paper sanctuary, and in times of despair I’ll always be able to visit my personal version of Neverland. There is a particular level of discipline required to thrive in the challenging environment of the creative writing process. The researching of form specifications and appropriate synonyms in the midst of writer’s block can be a daunting task, but the challenge and possibility of resulting greatness encourages me to thrust through any obstacles that present themselves. Creative writing means that I can express myself however I please for no particular purpose and a large portion of people can fall in love with my interpretations. Maybe I’ll never become a Stephen King or George R. R. Martin in terms of fame and fortune, but if I can obtain the same benefits out of creative writing that spurred these greats onward in their careers, then it’s all worth it in the end.


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